Dublin IBZnights

Just gotta say massive thanks to everyone who came to the Wright Venue last weekend, that Baroque club is awesome, what a night! Of all the times Ive visited Ireland the people never cease to amaze me, what a place.  If only it was Ibiza weather lol, don’t rain enough does it!! hahahaha Catching my breath now as we plan IBZnights for Scotland.  I´ll be taking a Radio Photolook at the schedule too later and we could revise it so keep an eye out on the IBZ site for that one.  Big thanks to DJ Colin Francis for the special appearance and all the guys, CJ, Drew and Dermot!   Gotta mention Dean Sherry of Phever Radio, what a crack pot!  As ever too many to mention… have a listen to our radio interview, hahah mad tree tree tree! Have a great weekend #scotlandnext



Linekers BalloonsBusy bee today, Ive added a new post on the menu bar, Linekers.  On here you can see the history of the  Linekers Bars taken from our website Linekers.  Over time I will be reviewing this and updating it all for you with more photos over the years and hopefully some great memories.  Id love to hear yours too, join my mailing list at the bottom of the site to keep in touch on updates and events etc or post a comment, that should be fun!

Have a great day


Where Love Lives!

alison-limerick-where-love-lives-come-on-inradio-edit-1991-2Love the gadget you can put on websites now, see down below bottom right to play my theme tune lol while your doing what your doing, only a couple of updates today, getting ready for IBZnights in Dublin at the weekend.  Hope to see you all there! Glad your all supporting my mate Calum on CBB too, he´s top banana! Tweet me!


Todays Updates

We managed to make a few updates today, not sure if that date above will change!  Down the bottom you can now see my Instagram feed, Ive added a sign up box.  If you drop me a subscription Ill send you anything exciting before anyone gets to hear about it!  IBZnights, Linekers anything really, but what I wont do is drive you mad, one or two mails once in a while.

My Latest LTBH!

My Latest LTBH!

IBZnights is going great, the tracks tab will eventually take you to our very own tracks on soundcloud, something else exciting to look forward to..the best House Ibiza has to offer of course.

You can now find out about Curbbz and the FAQ is going up already, have a great weekend wherever you are.

WDL Friday 16th Jan 2015