IBZ Nights at Velvet Nuneaton!

Looking forward to bringing IBZnights back to the UK on Sat 3rd December at the Velvet Club, Nuneaton not far from my home Town of Leicester!  Looking forward to seeing as may of you as possible on the night, should be good fun!  Will be at the Boneyard too for food before the gig, Granby Street, Leicester.  Book now to grab a table, gonna be a sell out!  #ibznights ibz-nights-velvet

White Island Update!

Wouldn’t be right not to promote the great Colin Butts film and work of art set in Ibiza.  Big thanks to all those who attended their local cinema on Fri 22nd October all over the country, be great now if the DVD could turn into a block buster in its own right.  Links underneath the photo to where you can get your copy!  Love to all!white-island-dvdGoogle: http://bit.ly/2eeSBOJ
iTunes: http://apple.co/2dUqXkl
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2enCzjz
Sony Playstation: http://bit.ly/2eOsDB8
Microsoft Xbox: http://bit.ly/2edh6Jq
Sky Store: http://bit.ly/2eARlkI

Harry Parker

Ill be flying back to the Uk soon to join in the fun at the Harry Parker fund raising football matches at Dagenham and Redbridge on Sunday 9th October.  Hope to see as many of you as possible there for a great cause!  Help this little cheeky chap live his dream and get to play football.


Some serious shiz in the Port this year!

yachts-in-portI took a ride down to Ibiza Town last night (9-9-2016) and theres some serious tools down there! If your in Ibiza Town or visiting at any time well worth the trip to get the great feel and ambience of the Old Town and Port area.  The Alfa Nero is in town and seriously she is some beast! The site of some of these super yachts is unreal and actually a great addition to Ibiza.  It just shows how class this island can be and reaches out to everyone, no matter.  I know myself some places get bad press, but hey it can´t be that bad when yachts like this arrive on an almost daily basis to this beautiful island.  If your in Town , pop down and take a look, you wont be dissapointed!  Enjoy!
The Alfa Nero







A couple of images from the web of the superb yacht.  Click on this Alfa Nero to see some superb images and find details all about her.